Yesterday I had the opportunity to try Google+ in a new way – using the “hangout” as an academic group discussion. 

Over the past year and half I have had to balance being a full-time employee, freelancer, and graduate student all while planning a wedding.  Even though it seems overwhelming at times, I am so fortunate for the opportunities that come along the way.

I was invited by my Southern New Hampshire University professor, Dr. Jessica Rogers to join in a hangout with author of The Tao of Twitter, Mark W. Schaefer. A few classmates gathered together to probe the globally recognized blogger. It was a great experience and I was able to take away some useful information. In fact, I will be using some of the discussions as a basis for our weekly meeting to improve our higher-education social media strategies.

One of the most exciting aspects of the field I am currently in is I am able to learn the upward trends, the future of SM, and apply all to my working field. There is nothing more satisfying than to go to work with a new vision to help streamline and improve antiquated systems.  I have a profound appreciation for those who are in social media marketing since there is so much more to be learned.

Learning about SM marketing can certainly be read in a textbook, though guaranteed those textbooks will be out of date within a short period of time. We are finding new methods, strategies, and metrics to measure success — as time passes, so will all printed knowledge about the subject.

I have been so much more successful and creative this past year and it has been all because of my deeper knowledge of marketing. If I knew what I know now when I was in undergrad school, I would have invested more time in pursing addition core marketing courses at Lyndon State.


About Spinto

Where to begin.... I was born and raised in the Burlington, Vermont area. After graduating college at Lyndon State College (wayyy northern Vermont), I moved to Massachusetts to work for a promotional products company. A few years later I relocated to western Massachusetts where I took a job at a community college as their in-house marketing manager. During this time, I decided to open the floodgates and own and operate my own business named Otnip Graphics. Otnip Graphics helps to positively promote business' through innovative marketing strategies and branded design collateral. All while this is going on, I decided I wanted to expand my knowledge in marketing to help our college keep a competitive advantage over local colleges, thus I enrolled myself in graduate school at SNHU to achieve my goals. Keeping myself busy and motivated is the only way I know and wouldn't change anything! On a more personal level (because I do have a personal life, I think...) I am getting married next October (Oct. 20) in Vermont. I have been chipping away at the large and small details to complete our wedding plans and hopefully while I accomplish all that I set out to do, I can relax and enjoy the wedding, and yes, the planning too. My hobbies include any kind of crafts/art projects I can get my hands on, watching brain rotting TV, skiing, running and enjoying time with my fiance and our little silky terrier, Pixie Lou.

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