Serdar Yegulalp, author of Social media disaster recovery: A first responder’s guide, writes to explain the steps in which businesses can take to successfully take control over what could be a huge PR disaster.

With social media being newly born and constantly being developed, businesses are slowly learning ways to improve and learn from their mistakes. We all make mistakes, but it’s how we bounce back from our that makes us superior.  Yegulalp shared insight towards handling any social media boo-boo.

First, recognize there was a mistake made. If people are negatively commenting or lashing out from a post, tweet, blog, etc., it probably means there was a mistake in which should be addressed.  Often time, companies are reluctant to react; instead it may seem easier to hit the delete button.  Wrong—deleting concerns and comments only exacerbates the problem.  Instead, businesses need to take blame and recognize something in fact happened to upset people.

Second, Yegulalp suggested to take action/apologize.  Crafting a response and apology to the public can provide individuals a reassuring sense of relief that the company has acknowledged their mistake, learned from the situation and will prevent the same mistake happening in the future. The most important action, which I have seen and heard over and over again, is companies to always be transparent and honest in any and all situations.  There is nothing worse than a company trying to sweep their mistakes under the floor because eventually the true will be released; and we all know that with the power of social media, that truth will be released within seconds and will spread like wildfire! So the best practice to employ is to always admit, take action and release a plan for the future.

Like I had stated, we all make mistakes but it is how we react and learn from those mistakes that makes us better and stronger.


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