Really….which department owns SM?

So this week’s assignment was to find a social media article that was of some interest to me.  I have read quite a few thus far, but really rather share one that was related to this week’s discussion topic.

Our Blackboard discussion has been full of debates—who really owns social media?  I made my initial reaction based off what I thought I knew from our readings and previous lectures – though after posting my thoughts, I stumbled upon this article that shares multiple views on who should own social media.

Surprisingly, no one really owns social media.  Everyone’s opinion and debate could be convincing enough to be true.  The real fact of the matter is that social media has become a blend of each department and therefore one particular department can’t OWN social media.

One interesting comment was made from a Twitter user: “@film_girl for us, Marketing owns social media. But maybe it’s because no one else knows what to do with it!”

This particular Twitter user is correct; social media is new to our culture and some people don’t know how to handle and maintain its content properly, so it falls into the marketing department’s hands—who really knows, it could stay there or maybe shift to another department later down the road.

As an example, doesn’t really see social media directly as a marketing function.  They provide tools to their employees to connect to customers and the outside world.  They use it as a public relations function, sales function, a forum, etc. So who controls their social media, a little bit of everyone?



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  1. helenrobbins says:

    I think there will always be some sort of battle over who owns social media. I feel it should be a collaboration of ideas, goals and suggestions. When the people from various departments want to use social media for their agenda, guidelines and corporate goals should always be kept in mind. Each department needs to decide what they want out of social media and then incorporate it in the overall strategy. They must keep their message consistent and truthful. They must also protect the brand and address any concerns that viewers express on their page. It can be a daunting task but it is achievable.

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